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Does anyone have any experience in clearwater florida? Looking real hard at a 350 space park with a third of them being park owned homes. I have owned parks in NC years a go but never in Florida.  Not sure what the demand is for new spaces. Has about 30 empty spots.


Hi Glen, Common practice when vetting a new area is to put up test ads in craigslist.  Put up a generic ad for a park in the general area of the subject park.  Word it as you would for real, just leave the park address off.

@Glen S.  

No personal experience, but there's a smaller one for sale on Might be worth it to keep an eye and see how it prices out.

HI @Glen S.  

I was born, raised, and still reside in the Clearwater area (just moved to Tarpon Springs).  I own 4 rental properties all of which are in Clearwater.  While I don't have any experience owning mobile homes, I'd be happy to discuss anything and everything about the area.

Mobiles are popular with seniors and snow birds in the area.  I can't recall ever seeing a 55+ park in the area that isn't in great shape.  Some of the family parks can be a little run down (good opportunity).  This is just my opinion but I wouldn't think you'd have a great demand of people wanting to bring their own new mobile into a park, but I would think there's demand to buy a nice home that is already installed and ready to occupy. 

I know that one of the parks off of Gulf to Bay is going to be torn down and they are planning on building a townhouse community (its right on the water). So that will displace about 100 residents in the very near future. Most of the homes in that park though I believe are rented (and rather old).

If there is anything I can help you with please let me know, I'd be happy to drive by and be your eyes / ears.

I currently live in Clearwater and am a eager newbie to mobile home investing.  @Robert Curls hit it right on.  I drove through the park on Gulf to bay and it is getting torn down.  There is a park next to it that is older and have a  homes for sale through craigslist cheap, i do wonder if the land will be sold next because there is alot of new building going on in that area and it is water front.  Many of the parks i do see in the area are established and 55+ but do have empty lots on them. These parks also have concessions in place for moving in new homes.  I would be happy to assist you in further if you are still interested.

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