Buyer stopped paying his finance fees. How to take possession

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I sold a mobile home and financed it to the buyer. I have a good contract and a lean on it. The buyer after the first month stopped paying the monthly fee and won’t respond to my calls. I have no choice but to take legal action. What are the steps I need to take? I really don’t want to hire an attorney as the sale price doesn’t have enough meat… any advice would be helpful. Thanks!

First, in TN if you hold title in a company name you are required to be represented by an attorney (I believe).  If not, I would send him his notice and start the process quickly to evict.  During the time before you go to court make sure you talk to the guy.  I always tell my MH buyers that if you leave the home clean and get out I will not garnish wages but if they force me to go the distance then I will find them and garnish wages.  It is all about communicating the message to them.  In 15 years, over many homes owner financed, I have had to have the sheriff physically evict 1 person.  But, I have had some homes that were left behind in a mess.  That is the business you are in with mobile homes.

@Payton Abernathy

Did I understand you when you said you have a lien?  You should consider never giving title away.  I repo 80% of my homes so you can imagine how difficult that would be if I had to go get a title back.  Good luck.