Eviction of Mobile Home

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How do you evict someone from a mobile home park when they do not pay the land lease. I would assume that since they cannot pay the land lease they cannot afford to move their trailer out of the park. Would the owner of the park/land have to pay for the trailer to be moved? Or does the owner put a lien on the trailer? 

Just went through this.  If your lease is in order then you file an eviction on the tenant.   If they cannot move the home then you get a Writ of Possession for the lot.  Constables or authority will then have the home moved to storage - if it gets that far.  As property owner, once the home is abandoned (if the tenant just leaves, which usually happens) then the park owner could file for an abandoned home Title on the home.  Is the home worth anything?  If so, then working to get an abandoned Title could work out well for you.  If the owner is cooperative then you or an investor could purchase the home from the owner.  If you are the Park owner it is probably in your best interest to work with an investor to try to keep the home in the park unless you have a waiting list of folks wanting to rent lots.

I've never seen one, well maybe one, actually ever moved out by the county.  They are in no hurry to take possession and storage of an abandoned mobile home.  It could sit for months and then the Park and County would just add those costs and liens to the home title making the home even more worthless. The Park owner really needs to decide what is more cost effective; get an abandoned title and sell the home and start getting lot rent again or wait for the County/city to take possession of the home and then try to fill the lot.

If I were a Park owner I'd want the old home moved out asap, or if it's a nice home, then I'd want Title as soon as possible so I can resell and find a good tenant.

Just how @Belinda Lopez describes it. 

Regarding the home itself, in some states you can file for abandonment and take title to the home if you own the land. Though, you'll have to go through the process, clear the title and make sure all the taxes are paid. If it's a home you just don't want, you'll have to pay to have it removed or find someone willing to take it off your hands. 

Good luck! 

Actually every state has different laws and what works in Michigan might not be legal in Florida.  One thing that will work in all states is Cash for Keys!  Evictions cost money and take time.  Let the renter know that you would rather work with him than evict him and ask how much money he needs to walk away and sign over the title.