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My name is Harrison, my father and I are actively looking to buy a 30-100 space, primarily lot rent Mobile Home Park with upside in the Southeastern United States (Oklahoma, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee). We are accredited investors with experience in other assets classes. Our goal is to close on a park within 12 months. I was wondering if any of the experienced Park operators on BP would be willing to share any of their operating documents or direct me to a place that would have great templates (that don’t cost $500-$5000). I am not looking for confidential company information. I am searching for items such as:

Park Manager Job Descriptions Park Rules and Regulations Notice for rule violations Notice for late payments Introduction letter from new park owner Instructions for rent/utility payments.

I would really appreciate any help, I am trying to be as prepared as possible for when the right opportunity presents itself.
Thanks, Harrison Freeman

Frank and Dave Mobile Home University Bootcamp, i think you get all of what you are needing /looking for . Check with brandon at mobilehomeuniversity and he can confirm 

@Harrison Freeman  

every state in the mainland USA has a mobile home park association. Just Google search “mobile home park association (state)” and call them asking for state specific rules and regulations, and state specific notices (late rent, pay or quit, eviction, utility bill backs, etc.). The cost for these things are free or they may ask that you become a member first. 

Message me and I can send you a onsite manager list of duties.

Hope that helps and to your success!


Thanks everyone for the replies! I will absolutely check out my local manufactured housing association. I didn’t even think about that option.

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