Inspecting an Out-of-State Home

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We own some mobiles w-the land (left to us by my deceased step-brother) in another state and are considering purchasing a unit in the same park.  The seller was bequethed the property following the death of her uncle.  It has a tenant who would like to remain.  She only had an appraisal done. 

It's an old unit, and the value's in the land, but still, I would like to see the inside of the home and know what shape it's in before we make an offer.  What's the appropriate way to handle this?  Have the tenant snap pictures, make an offer, and then have it inspected, or put down a deposit and then have an inspector come in?  It looks nicer than do the other mobiles, but there's no way of knowing whether it's so bad inside that it's not worth the purchase.


@Wendy Black Try to get a third party to take pictures. Some hire out on craigslist just for this role. The tenant may be a bit biased. You can try asking the tenant what types of issues there are in the home. From there, you may have a few contractors take a look. If you can get the age of infrastructure and mechanical items (i.e. roof, hot water heater, heating and air conditioning, etc), it will help. Contractors are willing to check these things out when aged in hopes of getting your business in the future. Good luck! 

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