Used mobile home price assumption

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My wife’s family has a challenging ag property issue (to complicated and off subject for this category on the forum) and I’m seeking cost tips on used Mobile Homes.

• How much for a simple but livable unit? (ignoring shipping which I’m sure varies widely)
• are there effective sources to seek units for sale (aside from Craigslist)?
• any other advices on what to avoid, what to look for, etc?

If anyone cares to post ballpark/ROM figures for basic hook up costs, here is their situation:

they are leech field septic, well water, city electric, natural gas hookup and no cable/satellite tv that would help tremendously.

Thanks in advance.


Look on FB for used mobiles 

As for prices you are in CA so I doubt numbers from FL would help

Michael, you’re probably right regarding the difference in prices from Florida. Costs are definitely scaled up here.

When you say FB do you mean Facebook? I didn’t realize they had a classified type of service. Thanks, I’ll check that out!

@Kevin Dupuis Check with your local mobile home dealership. They move homes all the time and can provide you with referrals. Each area is different so the prices may vary. Good luck! 

It's really difficult to generalize. I've moved ONE mobile home and it's in Kentucky. My costs were: approx. $10k for septic/utility run to the site, $4000 for moving and setup, plus the cost of the 1 acre lot. You can find (in my area) pretty nice double-wide mobile homes for around $30K, but since it's two sections, you have to figure the moving costs twice (moving 2, not 1 unit). 

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