Window AC Units Installed Through Wall - Good Idea or Bad?

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I have just purchased three 70s era MH’s and all three have window units installed in windows. All have water damage around the window sill and wall below from condensation leaking. I’ve seen window units permanently installed through exterior walls in other MHs. Is this a good idea or bad? I like the idea since it takes wear and tear off of the window and allows more light into the unit. But don’t know what the downsides would be. Any thoughts?

A house I recently renovated had through-the-wall units that were around 8-10 years old. When I went to replace them, I found moisture damage in the drywall and framing. I opted for a ductless mini split instead, which is much quieter and more efficient.

There is a sleeve you get for the units that go through the wall. We had them for years growing up without issue. You are shifting the AC unit maintenence to yourself by doing this. Not only will you have the initial outlay but they will call you if it breaks so consider that too.