Due Diligence Partners - Anybody used them?

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Just found these guys on Youtube.  Seem legit.  Was wondering if anyone has used them and thought the service was worth the cost? 


It depends on what stage you're at but for what they charge you might be better off just doing it yourself.  Especially their basic package, a lot of that info will show up in a title report or NHD so they don't offer a ton of value there.  For the rest of it if you spent a whole day figuring it out that would be almost $100/ hr for your time.  My time is still worth that to me.

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hi Reid,

did you use them , i would also like to know about them 

 We did not use them.  We did our own DD.  We bought our park about 2.5 years ago and have just been learning what to look for in other parks the old fashion way...lots of hard work and mistakes