Guidance on Lehigh Valley Mobile Home Park Purchase

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I am purchasing 15 fully occupied lots with mobile homes on them in Northampton County PA. This is an off-market deal and seller-financed so we do not have a broker/agent to support us through the transaction. The seller does have a title agency that is taking care of the purchase agreement and title search process.

I was wondering if there are any real estate lawyers/title or abstract companies that could help draft up new leases/rules and regulations for the tenants we will be acquiring? 

reach out to the PA MHP Association. They will have state specific leases and rules and Regs for PA MHPs. They may ask you to pay a small annual membership fee. But it’ll be worth it. 

yup! You don’t need a lawyer to review the leases or rules and regs because they’ve already done that for you for that specific state!