Mobile Home University vs Mobile Home Park Academy

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I have been bit by the mobile home park investing bug.  Questions for those in the industry: 

(1) for a beginning MHP investor, would you recommend the training materials offered by Mobile Home University (Frank Rolfe and Dave Reynolds) or Mobile Home Park Academy (Kevin Bupp and Charles Dehart)?  I am not interested in the boot camps, just the home study courses.   If you recommend one over the other, why?  

(2) would you recommend any other training materials, and if so, which ones?  

MHP Academy will provide ALL the info you need. Great guys!

and, listen to their podcast and Jefferson Lily's (Parkstreet Partners) and you'll be ready to take action. 

@Aaron Olsen  Here are a few resources that I found valuable when I was learning about the details of investing in mobile home parks:


  1. Mobile Home Park 10/20 Investment System by Dave Reynolds, Frank Rolfe
  2. Mobile Home Wealth Part 2: How to Become Even Wealthier investing in Mobile Home Parks by Zalman Velvet, Stuart Silver
  3. The New Investor's Guide to Owning A Mobile Home Parkby Laura Cochran, Erin Cochran


  1. The Mobile Home Park Investing Podcast with Kevin Bupp and Charles DeHart
  2. Mobile Home Park Investors with Jefferson Lilly
  3. Mobile Home Park Mastery with Frank Rolfe
  4. Mobile Home Parks in Real Life with Ryan Narus


  1. Park Street Partners - - This is the investment firm run by Jefferson Lilly and Brad Johnson. They focus on mobile home parks and have solid educational content on their website.
  2. Mobile Home Park Investors - - This is the LinkedIn group led by Jefferson Lilly. It's the largest group on LinkedIn that is exclusively focused on mobile home park investing.
  3. Mobile Home University - - This is the site maintained by Dave Reynolds and Frank Rolfe. I recommend subscribing to their newsletter.
  4. Mobile Home Park Academy - See above

@Aaron Olsen

Thanks, @ John Jacobus! Good info.  I have listened to all of the podcasts, except for the one with Ryan Narus; I will check it out.  I will also check out the book by Zalman Velvet.  

With all of these other resources, are the home study courses offered by Mobile Home University ($597-$997) and Mobile Home Park Academy (MHPA) (Success System, $3,997+) worth the price?  If so, do the MHPA materials really provide that much more value -- the price is substantially more than MHU?  

@Aaron Olsen I haven't been through the MHP Academy but I have attended MHU Bootcamp and have been through the home study course materials.  I think the best value is offered through MHU Bootcamp (I attended last Feb in Irvine, CA) as you get all of the home study course materials, the due diligence manual, a list of all 45k MHP addresses in the USA, dozens of sample documents to use in acquiring and operating your first park, and more.  While Bootcamp is expensive, I found it worthwhile as I was able to participate in on-site tours of several MHP's in SoCal with Frank and gain insights that don't immediately come to the surface when reading books.  

My personal view is that you can reach a fairly high level of education by a) leveraging the free resources above; and b) networking with experienced MHP operators.  The community of operators is small and very collaborative.  This option will take time but it's free.  If you want an accelerated path at a reasonable price (<$2k) I would recommend the MHU Bootcamp.

@Aaron Olsen

I like John went thru the Mobile Home University (by Frank Rolfe and Dave Reynolds) school of learning and found it to be an exceptional value for what you get. They provide you as John mentioned already with the knowledge and experience, you tour parks with them and learn on site which i found to be very informative and has high value. The forms library that they give you has every form and how to find the parks they provide the marketing samples that you need to use and they cover how to correctly evaluate a park as well. 

I have not use Mobile Home Park Academy but it looks very similar. I have listened to some of Kevin Bupp's and Charles DeHart's podcasts which are good but maybe there are some other students of the MHP game on here that can provide insight to MHAs curriculum.

Either way, you cant be Frank and Dave at Mobile Home University, they are the best!! 

@Mike G.  

Thanks, Mike.  I signed up for the Feb 2019 (Orange County) Mobile Home University boot camp with Frank and Dave.  I received the materials and, so far, are very informative.   

@Aaron Olsen

Thanks, Mike. I signed up for the Feb 2019 (Orange County) Mobile Home University boot camp with Frank and Dave. I received the materials and, so far, are very informative.

That's great, ill be attending the one in Las Vegas in Sept 2019. I have the materials from the last one but it will be good to attend and network with like minded investors. You will find that the material is easy to ready and jam packed with relevant info on how to find, market to, talk with owners, negotiate, evaluate, do due diligence on and purchase and sell a mobile home park. 

Best bang for your buck out there!! Good choice Aaron