Tiny Home Park with Large Lots

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What do you all think of a mobile home park converted into a tiny home community with larger yards.

Rate would  be bumped up and sites would be converted to being available for tiny homes or nicer RVs/motorhomes.

Standards would be part of marketing so that boomers and others wanting affordable but nice housing contexts would be drawn in.

This would be one model - buying existing parks that are more rough and fully flipping it into this style.  Some of the lots would be wiped out for a community garden context every maybe ten spaces...

Another model: Thinking about 20 minutes outside of cities could also be developed from land if utilities can be lined up for the land.  Buy the land, develop it into half acre parcels and having standards for growing food and raising animals for food with a butcher station on the property and a bartering style farmers' market where tenants can sell to the public and barter with each other or sell to each other.

These are very early stage thoughts.  

Before you do any of these or put effort into them you should consider zoning law and code. Tiny homes are not the same as manufactured homes, I believe they fall under RV so the zoning needs to allow it. 

Your farm idea is cool but again there are normally ordinances around farm animals. I’m sure that’s why you said 20 mins outside of town.

Not discouraging, Just some things to consider. I love the creativity!

Mario, yes, definitely aware of the zoning risk/need for research into any given deal.  This is often why buying existing parks is smart from what I've learned so far from various park owners.  I've learned it's typically not smart to buy the listed parks but instead send out mailers or dial for dollars or drive park to park (the most heavy lifting but certainly a great way to meet a lot of park owners and learn a lot about the business face-to-face, old school... I've enjoyed doing this quite a bit thus far).

@Torrey Moe Definitely check with your local zoning department before doing anything. Tell them exactly what you plan to do. Ask them what you need to do to move forward with your plans. Before calling them, be sure to have the address and legal description of the park so they can look to see what restrictions there are (if any). Hope that helps!