Hilarious Story Of Lack of Ambition & Drive - Share Your Stories

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I am an experienced investor and have flipped many properties. I have a couple friends that wanted to get into the market therefore I decided to TRY and take them through one offer or two and split profits.

I if course assumed, once every few days, response to emails, etc..

What happens, weeks without responding to emails, phone calls once every two weeks etc..

Yes, I know these people are evidently not ready to pursue anything or have way too much going on in real lives.

I just find it so funny that people see or hear stories of success but no one wants to work for it. No one understands that in order to become wealthy in todays world you need to work more than 8 hours a day. People go to work 8-5 and expect to be rich. I just don't get it. I especially don't get it from people that are well educated have a great job and disposable income. The express so much interest but when it comes down to actually DOING SOMETHING and not just talking they are lazy as heck.

Would love to hear your stories!

I'm 36 years old and am getting ready to quit my factory job. I set out 3 years ago with the goal to be a full-time landlord within 5 years and turned my 4 units into 28 units. Im not completely happy with my current cash flow so I'll be doing interior painting on the side until I refi the rest of my land contracts and am able to boost my cash flow in 2-3 years. Either way.....I'll be self-employed in a month.

People have told me im lucky to be quitting and so on.


I worked while they were watching TV. I worked while they were playing video games. I worked while they slept. I worked while talked about winning the lottery.

I worked.....they didn't.

I am willing to help someone. Some expect you to do it all for them.

I have heard the lucky crap. Lots of time and effort must be lucky.

For a boat name I chose Jusluki

There is a reason a very small percentage of the population control most of the wealth. Very few people put much effort into creating wealth.

I woul add that you don't have to work crazy hours to get ahead. I think working smarter is more beneficial to working longer. Hire people to do the menial tasks, concentrate on the money making activities, plan and set goals.

@Mark Ferguson I completely agree. My father once told me that the things that require the most work, often have the biggest profit.

I have tried telling coworkers about the benefits of simply a Roth IRA, and most of them just think that is too much work. Many of them don't even contribute to our 401K plan. These are people making $100,000+ a year, and living pay check to pay check.

In terms of real estate, I share with them what I am doing, and they are interested, but then they forget about it 5 minutes later and return to thinking about the next episode of The Bachelor.

One of the things that made me scratch my head more than normal was from a forum on here. A guy was wanting advice, he was graduating from college, going to get a job and buy a used Lamborgini, then after it was paid for start buying real estate.......

I consider that in the same line of thinking of "if you give me the promotion I will start working harder"

I know one very well known Billionaire very well, at the time we were working together (ok he was chairman of the board and I was a director), he worked 18-19 hours a day. You would get e-mails from him all night long. To this day if I don't get a reply from an e-mail I send to him in a few minutes, I know he is tied up, and I will probable get a response a 2-3AM from him,,he lives for work (and the sports franchise he owns)

I have found that ALOT of people are extremely lazy and want everything to be set up and proven, so they can be convinced that you can make money from it.

Not everybody gets it and I understand that, different people have different goals in life, but what erks me is to hear the sad stories and they are not even making an effort to change.

It is so difficult to find people that wants the same things as you do and know what needs to get done to get there.

Back in the late 1990s I taught myself how to buy and sell properties for profit by reading RE message boards. I didn't have any money and not much credit, but I was pretty darn curious. And I loved the material. Loved, loved, loved tax and title issues. Loved working with sellers with problem properties. Loved driving all over California dealing with these properties. I still love it.

So I assumed everyone who was interested could do the same. Turns out lots of people are not interested in RE. They are interested in money and/or passive income. There's money and income in RE, to be sure. For many people with smarts and/or business and/or practical skills, RE is just another potential money strategy, not a passion. They'll move to the stock market or other investments when the climate changes. They'll do ok wherever they go. The people without smarts or business or practical skills? To them, RE is just an idea. And hopefully one that works fast and doesn't require much effort.

I'm still a believer in the power of free internet education and how it helped me, hence I'm willing to share what I know. But I've learned not to expect too much from people who say they are interested in RE. :)

Everybody wants quick money. That's why there's so many money schemes and seminars. Get rich without trying..not true

It is really sad. But I am glad everyone does not try to succeed because it would be more competition.

I have tried to help homeless get off their feet. I have tried giving people a free place to stay so they can save. I have even tried to let people work to own part of a company. An example you work twenty to fort hours a week and we will apply your hours to a profit split. Then the next time you work less because you will have capital. The response I get is I don't want to be the labor. I want to be the person that pays.

yet they have no money.

They also don't realize the investor is always working. Just May not always be labor.

I also know people that won't do something because they say thete are experts doing it alteady. I could you compete with someone that knows the business. Its America Jack, learn the business.

Also how many of you have got the response "That can't be done" or "its hard" by people that have never ever attempted what they are commenting on.

I would love to hear more stories.

Originally posted by @Mark Ferguson:
There is a reason a very small percentage of the population control most of the wealth. Very few people put much effort into creating wealth.

I woul add that you don't have to work crazy hours to get ahead. I think working smarter is more beneficial to working longer. Hire people to do the menial tasks, concentrate on the money making activities, plan and set goals.

More or less, this. Creating wealth isn't easy, but it's also not like you're trying to beat the market. Putting yourself out there and trying is a great first step. It's too bad more people don't take that step, no matter what it may be.

Changing your mindset that your money should work for you, not you for your money is life-changing.

I always like to say:

"The key to overnight success is years of hard work."

(perception vs. reality)

I find it endlessly fascinating (and frustrating) how some people just drop off the face of the planet. With email and text these days, you think they could at least respond with some reason why they changed their mind instead of just disappearing.

Okay so this is funny timing.

Right after I saw this thread I got an email from an agent I met at a REIA meeting and sent an email follow up to.

I was having a hard time placing him but the date on mine was April.

Then I looked closer and realized it was from April 2013!

Way to wow me with your follow up guy! :)

For a lot of people, once they realize how much time and effort it actually takes to build wealth and become successful, they decide it isn't worth all that work. It's too hard.

As the saying goes, if it was easy, everyone would do it.

I get quite a few BP messages and responses to my Craigslist ads from brand new wholesalers who want to learn how to do it. 95% of the time it's like they have no idea what wholesaling even is. They haven't done any research, networking or marketing. They act like they want me to give them the 100% guaranteed way to do a deal without actually doing any work.

I had one kid who called me about a property he wanted to "wholesale" to me. At the time I didn't have MLS access to looked up the address on Zillow really quick and it was FSBO for $35k.

I said "OK so I see it here, so you want $35k for it?"

He said "No I was hoping for $45k."

I said "Well you have it on Zillow fsbo for $35k."

He explained that someone else was selling it for $35k that he had never even contacted and he wanted to buy from them and assign to me at $45k.

I taught him a valuable lesson that day.

You have results or you have excuses!

It has always surprised me in my day job, most people I've worked with, worked on a project or solving a problem for 8 hours a day and then they are done until tomorrow. I've always had the mindset that I'll work until the job is done, or I need a quick nap!

@bryce Davis, if ever i could find someone like you. building wealth is the same as having a nice body/working out at the gym. it takes hard work and discipline (hard work->at the gym and discipline--> what you eat). for me, there is no real risk when one is trying to attain an amazing body, losing money is risky. having someone who's already successful to show me the ropes, that would be ideal. I think the main reason why people don't achieve those 2 things: body/wealth is because they don't realize that there is an actual process/ they don't even know where to begin nor do they know how to maintain (body or wealth) once they have an idea of what it would take to get what they are seeking.

I am not trying to revive this thread but I wanted to share a story.

I was helping a buddy get into investing. We do all the homework look at countless houses. It comes time to pull the trigger. I tell him ill need your half of the money to buy the property.

It is at this point that he advises me his money is in a money market account and it would be difficult to get out.

Point of the story don't let people waste your time. I wanted to charge this joker for my time that was waisted.

Bryce, whats the deal?  We live in Concord and might be interested.

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