Using a personal cell phone to do business

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I do it on my personal via a Google number (mainly for marketing). I will usually pass out my personal number to service providers as I answer it more reliably than the Google number.

If you're planning on taking a business deduction for your phone use come tax time, it would be easier for you & make the IRS much happier if you had a completely separate number. 

Depending on the number of calls you get, a pre-paid plan might be an option. Cheaper than an unlimited & easy to keep track of expenditures.

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Hey Jeff,

There are also Apps out there that can be downloaded onto your phone and supply you with a seperate number that can be used to conduct business either temporarily or for an extended period. The number can then be relinquished when done. I guess it depends on your needs and how "available" you want to be. 

I will occasionally use my personal cell phone for my 7-5 job making sales calls etc. But i rarely do that so i don't have an issue with customers or clients calling me back. On the other hand, another individual in the sales dept. uses his all the time and he ends up getting frustrated because his personal cell phone never stops ringing. So there is no downtime from taking calls. I guess it also depends on if you have an  "office" and "office hours"

For tax purposes i would definitely say get a different phone and number. 

I have a Google voice number, but really, I don't care for the way their service works and it's obvious when you call someone and they are using a Google voice number.  It screams amateur hour - as does using yahoo, gmail, and other free email addresses in your real estate business.  ;-)

We have an integrated phone system so we can create new numbers on the fly and forward them to any number - but most of us use our cell phones.  The cool thing is tho, it's like a 1-second hand-off to your cell so there is absolutely no delay or goofy prompts - the caller goes immediately thru and has no idea that the number is not a direct line.

I don't want to broadcast the name of the vendor here, but if you're interested in checking out their service directly, just PM me and I'll give their name/website.

I do both, Google voice and added second number. The second number is only $10 more per month to my account. Bought a regular flip phone so I don't have to pay smartphone data rates. 

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1 phone. 1 number.

Whether you are my grandma, a potential home buyer/seller or an angry tenant you get that number.

No google voice.

If I call someone & I hear "waiting for google subscriber to connect" or whatever it is that it says I instantly think "what are they hiding from?"

Originally posted by @Jeff Plair:

James Wise do you also use that phone number for you direct mailers??