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Anyone ever heard of this group (U.S. Tax Lien Association), or this type of Real Estate Investing? I am in the beginning stages of REI and trying to make smart investments of my time and money. I don't want to be led down a scam road. This is 7 days of free online training. I'm sure there is some kind of a cost, as there is no free lunch, but this could be worth looking into. You'll have to click on the link below to view. I appreciate any feedback on this type of investing or better models to follow if you are aware of any. I hope my way of asking this question is appropriate for the forum. This is my first post, and I'm just trying to get off to a good start.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to respond.



U.S. Tax Lien Association free 7 day online course offer[name]&aid=25021211655&device=c&gclid=COu9-Jav8MECFVKPfgod2JoALw

I have now read several other posts and replies on this topic, and have gained a good understanding of those perspectives. I don't know how to pull this post off or I would.  Thank for your replies to the other posts.

Justin Nichols 

Hey Justin, I'm starting myself, and would also be interested in what you have found out about the company. I did buy the program, but would love to talk more about what you know. I am in California and am looking for a person to train me or work with me if you know someone.   Thank You MJ

I'm looking into this type of investing any ideas from new Jersey 

@Justin Nichols What exactly did you find out about U.S. Tax Lien Association ? I also stumbled across this company online and wanted to get feedback on it before I spent my money into it. Please update me with any information that you have. It would be greatly appreciated!

I'm eager to follow this thread, too.  I went to a free presentation by USTLA where they made a very good presentation and pitched a $1500 program, which included a bunch of training CD's/DVD's, some webinars and coaching calls, and a 3-day training at a local hotel.  I asked about the expected upsell: They said the only option beyond the $1500 package was paid mentorship to help you, but I understand from people who have listened to the CD's that they offer some kind of extra-fee "Ultimate Research Tool" to get lien lists in Excel format so you can evaluate large numbers of liens more quickly and pick the ones you want.  The CD's make it sound like the only alternative to the URT is to use "snail mail" to get lists from counties.  So I imagine there might be additional packages you can buy that they don't want to roll out.  They did offer a money-back guarantee for the package, up to the end of the first day of the in-person training session.    I have friends who do this without USTLA, and swear by the potential of it, so I was trying to learn a little more.   Still trying.

Updated over 2 years ago

I did go to the 3-day weekend session with USTLA. It seemed informative, but they put the BIG pitch on each one of the attendees, individually, to buy a $30,000 mentorship program. I had a very strange incident with one of the USTLA reps there, Rene, which ruined my confidence in the group. I was angry about how I was treated by this guy. After a slightly tense confrontation with Rene, they refunded my weekend fee ($1500). Dodged a bullet there, I think. I would recommend people stay away from this organization.

@Hugh Nelson Have you heard anything else about this and would you now recommend spending the $1500 om the course they were offering at the seminar you were attending??

I do tax lien investing essentially full time. i have heard the pitches by the tax lien association and they sound bogus to me. Some day i will write a blog post as to why.

I am a big believer in paying for your education. There is no better way to invest than in myself. However the promises of the people pitching tax lien courses seem overly optimistic

They may be an excellent organization but I am skeptical.

I've listened to the Free videos and they give you a good overview of tax liens.   I don't know what the next step looks like with them but all States don't follow a cookie cutter approach to how this all works which is what the videos lead you to believe.   I don't see those guys ever talking about investing in AL for example or GA.  Its always the TX and FL examples.    So I am basically saying to listen to the free videos and then supplement your learning on BP.  


Call the county the can give you information on tax liens .Form little I know it takes a long time to lose a house to taxes ,each state has different  laws, 

I'm with @Ned Carey

There are 50 states plus US territories and they all have different rules.  Even within states, different counties have different rules and procedures.  About half the states don't even have tax liens.

Therefore the generalized information propagated is virtually useless, because it talks in generalities that don't really apply to any state.  The individual state statue is the gospel on where to start in a specific state.  But even then you have to be cautious, because the law will say the tax authority "may" do something that in reality they never do.

I say that tax foreclosure investing is the most hazardous and dangerous way to invest on real estate.  Lots of people have invested and lost big time.  Be careful and know what you are doing before taking the plunge.

@DanielleLevins I have the CD's and have gone through them - it's not earth-shattering material, for sure.  It basically explains what a tax lien is, the difference with states that are tax deed states (like Virginia, where I am), and how to build a strategy.  I'll be honest - my guard was not lowered by the content on the CD's.  I may consider it a cost of education to go to the 3-day session, but I will be on guard for the big up-sell, which I am still expecting.  Stay tuned.

I have attended the course, the content is pretty general and their sales support sucks. I would advise people to think twice before signing up with UNITED STATES TAX LIEN ASSOCIATION , USTLA.

After years of doubt, I decided to give their $1500 home study course a try. So far, so good. I sent mailers out to 50 countries so far using the form letters from the course, and have heard back from at least half of the counties. I haven't bought any liens or deeds yet. But I will be going to their 3-day event in Houston early next month. Tony & Saen's course seems solid so far, but I'm gonna wait until after the workshop before I decide whether to recommend them to anybody. All I can assure you of right now is that their $1500 home study course is worth the investment...if you are willing to put in the necessary time and effort needed!

I have been buying tax certificates with great success for several years.  The problem is it's slow, slow, slow, and different in every state.   Make sure your course focuses on the geographical areas you are interested in!!!

I didn't use a course when I got started, just read the information available through the counties and read the actual state statutes.  Looking back to when I started, maybe I could have used a little more guidance, but I have no complaints about the way it has worked out.  I have cruised some of the websites foir companies where the classes are offered, and my question is always the same, if you're so good at the investing, why are you teaching it to someone else? 

Looking to partner with an investor who wants to get into this.

@Michael J Cohen,

Did you ever find someone to train you on this type of investing Sir?

Well a promise is a promise, and I promised that after the event in Houston, I would decide whether to recommend Tony & Saen's course. And the verdict is...! do! 

Before I enrolled in Tony & Saen's course, I had bought two tax liens in Florida. One redeemed, and I got my 18% return. The other did not. I could have, and still could, apply for the deed on that property. But I won't. The property is worthless. Had I had Tony & Saen's 14-step process to guide me, I'd of never bought that lien. But I chalk it up to a lesson learned. Hey, I loss less than 50 bucks on it!

Of course, you don't have to pay for any course if you don't want to. There is more than enough information online. But information and resources are not necessarily the same thing 100% of the time. It all comes down to what kind of student you are. 

Can you tinker with something for awhile and learn how to assemble it on your own? Do you need a manual w/instructions? Do you need someone to show you how to do it? Do you need someone to hold you accountable?

The course provided a wealth of information and resources to get started. And the workshop provided even more valuable resources, and connections as well. I was shocked. Having been to many real estate seminars, I was used to receiving just enough information to get hungry for success, only to endure a pitch fest for products and services I could not afford. This workshop, on the other hand, was dominated by education and networking, not sales pitches.

The only thing they tried to sell us was their mentoring programs which, again, are better than any I've ever seen. They did not spend a lot of time on this, though, and offered these as an option. We were not fed any of the typical "you're not serious if you don't buy this" crap. And the mentors sat with us and ate lunch with us, and gave us free information and resources at the lunch table! Compared to my past experiences at these types of events, this was amazing to me!

So yes, you can be successful in the business without them. But with them, you can receive and helping hand that just might give you a leg-up. It's always good to have a variety of options!

Whoa!  Slow down there!  Your post only tells how they motivated you. How many liens did you buy and what were their ROIs?  

I'm on day 6 of US Tax Lien Assoc 7 day free online course. I also paid $27 for their top 10 mistakes new TLC investors make and how to avoid them which also included a bonus of their 14 step due diligence process after day 4's video lesson. So far I'm in it for $31 ($4 was shipping the printed materials). I will not be purchasing the $1500 course because I'm sure it is a little more detail than what I've gotten so far. I'm sure the networking is great but I'm content with what they've taught me so far, I'll continue doing my own research online and through the counties I'm interested in. So far what they've preached is what I've read in my research.

@Hugh Nelson wrote

It seemed informative, but they put the BIG pitch on each one of the attendees, individually, to buy a $30,000 mentorship program.

Wow, assuming that you you could get 15% interest (higher than most get) if you had a million dollars it would take at least two years to recoup your investment. Actually since most liens pay off in 3-6 months it would take 2-4 years to recoup your $30K.

I've listened to 1/2 of their CDs. Very verbose and generalized information. Probably not enough to get started. I am scheduled to attend the 3-day live seminar tomorrow. On the one hand I'm eager to learn. On the other I am not looking forward to the up-sell or the lack of being upfront about what they are selling. 

Hello Amr, 

What was your experience like at the 3 day USTLA training? I attended this past week at the training in Ontario, CA and would love to hear what you thought of it. Looking forward to hearing back from you soon! 

I attended the 1 Day free training, and was excited about the program but i wanted to do more research. I was able to kust pay $400 that day to secure the discount.  In doing my research and looking at reviews i am torn on how to continue. For those that have invested in the USTLA and attended the 3 day. What would you suggest.

Im very interested in finding out abt their 3 day workshop. Once someone completes it please post your views. I did find their home study program on EBay and Amazon running abt 35 bucks. Big Time Score : )

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