Tax Lien Certificate Investing

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There are some great books on Amazon where you can probably get similar information but certainly no hand holding. Has anyone tried used the following site to research certificates: ?

Back to the original question: How much do they charge for what they call their "Ultimate Research Tool" (URT). I called the U.S. Tax Lien Association or whatever they call themselves and ask that question. They told be that they cannot disclose to me this information unless I pay them $1500 for the Home Study Course first. I thought that was weird! It's like going to a car dealer and asking how much some add-on option costs and they tell that you have to buy the car FIRST, and then and only then they will tell you the cost of that add-on. Sounds like a scam. Does anyone know how much this URT is? 

I bought the home study course, and URT is definitely NOT included.  I don't think you can buy it independent of signing up for their mentorship program. That's $30K. I got my $1500 back, and I recommend you go with your gut impression on this one...

@Dennis Weber You made a great point, and sorry I took so long to respond. The answer to your question is I took a few months off from actually buying liens in order to get mentored and learn how to do research better in order to avoid buying the low-quality liens I bought last time.

So now I have bought three liens so far, and they are going at 18%. Right now I'm buying a lien a month, and my goal for 2018 is to up that to two or three a month.

Meanwhile, I'm keeping an eye on deed auctions, but I'll need to get a financial partner before I actually bid on some of those deeds because the good ones are outside of my price range. 

But most importantly, I am getting the hang of this research and being care to steer clear of junk liens. 

@Hugh Nelson. Yeah, I bought that course and had to send it back as well. They could not even get correctly which state or county is deed, lien or hybrid. You open their State Guide and see all counties shown having the same rate on their lien certificates. Save your money, stay away from these two "gurus", Higgins and Martinez. What a joke!

Originally posted by @Miles C Roth :

I have been buying tax certificates with great success for several years.  The problem is it's slow, slow, slow, and different in every state.   Make sure your course focuses on the geographical areas you are interested in!!!

I didn't use a course when I got started, just read the information available through the counties and read the actual state statutes.  Looking back to when I started, maybe I could have used a little more guidance, but I have no complaints about the way it has worked out.  I have cruised some of the websites foir companies where the classes are offered, and my question is always the same, if you're so good at the investing, why are you teaching it to someone else? 

Looking to partner with an investor who wants to get into this.

Hey Mike, my wife and I are in Phoenix, AZ and have paid the $1500 for the USTLA program and are wanting to invest in this for the long haul and really make it work for us. If there is any knowledge you can send our way, it would be greatly appreciated. We are definitely into going about this in any way that is safe for all parties involved and of course, to make enough money to hopefully build our dream home. Let me know if you are interested.

The Ultimate Research Tool (URT) is no longer sold by itself, but as part of the mentoring programs. Truthfully, you don't need it to succeed. And even if you have it, you still need to research the individual counties' rules before investigating in liens and deeds. Once I gained access to the URT, though, I stopped mailing to individual counties. (I had mailed to 70 counties, heard back form about 80% of them.)

Counties want to help you as much as they can because they need investors to buy these liens and deeds so they can get these properties back on the tax roll. USTLA is great because they provide all the information and resources and support you need to get started and get moving.

I've been buying a minimum of one lien a month for quite some time, and one of my goals for 2018 is to buy my first deed. But I may need to find a money partner. 

If you need help finding information or resources, I am swimming in them, so let me know!

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