Google Voice or alternative?

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@Bryan C.  It's simple.   Go to and setup a number.  You can search by area code.  Once you choose a number you can customize your settings.

I forward my google voice number to my cell and email me a transcript if someone leaves a voice mail.

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how does Google voice work? I am an out of town investor.

@Jerred Morris  

 Anyone with internet access can get a google voice account.  Its simply a voicemail service from google.  All you need to do is search google for "google voice" and set up an account.  To do this you will need a cell phone...  and thats about it.  After a few simple steps it will replace your phones voicemail.

With google voice you can pick a new phone number, keep your existing phone number or buy multiple phone numbers...  My cell phone will ring anytime someone calls 

(260)693-7368 (thats (260)OWE-RENT)


or my real cell number


I think I had to pay a one time fee of $40 for the 632-2002 number and it is worth it as I can gage the effectiveness of ads.  If I have an ad running the 444 number and a second ad with slightly different wording going to the 693 number and a third to the 632 number I can measure the response rate for wording used based on the phone number that gets the most calls.

Also, with google voice you can have different voicemails for different groups.  Lets say you are a wholesaler, realtor, landlord and a family man/woman.  You can set up different voicemails for each group...  So if I can have a voicemail for my wife that says "hey babe, sorry I cannot take your call but I still love you" and I have have a voicemail for clients that says basically the same thing minus the word "love" and for tenants I can have personalized voicemails with rent instructions, emergency maintenance instructions.

(screent shot of "settings" - "groups & circles" family gets the friends and family message, spam goes straight to voicemail, tenants get the 693RENT message and everyone else gets my Nick Miller the Realtor message)

There are tons of features with google voice that might help you in your real estate investing but these are my favorites.

@Carol Kohn ~  simply enter the settings and click on the "Change / Port" button next to your current google voice number

Click the "I want a new number"

Accept to pay the $10 or $20 depending on which option you want

you can enter your area code and search for a new number based on a word or a set of numbers

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@Nicholas Miller can you explain how you "purchased" an additional google voice number? I cannot seem to find a way to purchase an additional number to add with my current google voice number.

 not sure why my previous post did not link to you I hope it helps

I want to get a business number and was thinking of using Google Voice. When you receive GV calls on your cell phone, do you still also get calls from your regular phone number. For instance, if I had an iPhone through AT&T and my number ended in 1234 and I then got a GV number that ended in 6789, would I receive calls for both numbers on the same phone? If so, is it possible to tell (via caller ID or some other method) which number is ringing? I want a GV number for business to keep business and personal calls separate. But I don't want to answer my business number with an unprofessional "Hello".