Sprinklers for small multi's

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MA is becoming more and more strict on sprinklers. Now all townhouses, and new construction 4+ units require sprinklers. Any modifications or improvements costing over 50% of the building assessed value triggers sprinkler rules..Also, and modifications within certain categories of work triggers the rules as well...such as upgrading a heating system MAY trigger the rules.

It has become so bad many towns are putting the same rules on 3 unit buildings. 

The housing stock will deteriorate in quality and decrease investor opportunities unless we become smart on these new requirements and build them into our costs.

- Does anyone have any 'rule of thumb' to estimate the cost of a sprinkler system. I've heard people use anywhere from 5k-10k per unit. This seems a bit expensive to me to run some basic plumbing through a house?

- Any one else encounter these issues? Any thoughts or comments to help educate me about this topic


I am located in MA and am new to REI (pre 1st investment). It is an interesting discussion and I look forward to hearing some of the responses. Thanks for the topic.