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Does anybody invest in mobile homes here on biggerpockets?  My question is for mobile homes is the only way to deal these is it just buy and hold? Is it possible to buy for a short term then flip it?

Hi James,

Thanks for your interest in MHs. 

Water said it best by mentioning to look around in the forum's section for mobile home related questions, articles, and topics. This site has a ton of useful info and people willing to help.

To answer your question Yes you can quickly resell mobile home properties for fast cash or a quick flip. If the home is inside a park on rented land than pursuing your Dealer's license may be something to consider moving forward. If only buying/selling mobile homes on land then there is no limit as to Dealer status. If you plan on your end-buyer obtaining a new loan/mortgage than there are many additional things to consider, such as; seasoning, is the home financeable, is your buyer financeable, does the home appraise for the selling price, etc.   

You can also wholesale contracts and not even have to close on the homes. Concerning investing, if you can do it with a SFR then it can likely be done with a mobile home.

Thanks for the shout out Walter.

John Fedro

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Like John said-you can tie up the mobile home with a contact and a small down payment and flip the deal to a cash buyer.  The best cash buyers are professionals (mobile home dealers/brokers, park owners) that need to buy mobile homes as part of their day to day business.  They will jump on the deal quickly assuming it is a great deal!  

I'm relatively new to the BP platform but I've already been asked a lot of questions about the different aspects of the MH industry so I thought I'd share a 4 part series of posts I wrote on a real estate blog I contribute to. Hope this helps those who have had issues like the ones described in this post.