Ebay Real Estate Auctions

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has anyone had any experience bidding or buying on real estate listed on ebay? how did it go?

i often see unimproved land for sale listed on ebay even in such prime markets as beverly hills and malibu areas, and occasionally even a home in los angeles county for auction/buy it now.

have bought cars on ebay before with no big issues but doubt i'd ever buy real estate on there cuz of clear title concerns!

I have a coworker who has bought two investment properties he found on craigslist and swears there are deals to be had, although he buys in more depressed areas that I personally would be very reluctant to get into.

Don't know anyone who's used an ebay auction though. I've seen a lot of "too good to be true deals" on there and it just has a suspicious vibe to it.  Also I believe the vacant land offers are sometimes a scam or located on unbuildable land.  

Curious to hear what others have to say on this...

I have some great info to share! #eBay Success!!!

 I bought a couple of parcels through ********** and have them listed on ebay, I did get a freshbooks account set up and integrated stripes payment (thanks for that tip on one of your podcasts!)
So, good news is following you & Steves podcast advise I have bought a property, re-listed it on ebay and looks like I am going to double my money (auction ends Sunday night, just like you explained with the 30 day auctions, start on a Friday and it always ends on a Sunday right :)


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Never bought vacant land on eBay. Have sold some on there though. Sometimes it goes for multiples of what I thought it would or what the cost was. Other times it hardly catches a bid. Properties I know I could of sold else ware like Craigslist for more. Seeing some of my auctions fall through the cracks makes me want to buy on there and sell them else ware. Or buy cash deals on there and turn around and sell them as terms deals for double more more.