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Hello bigger pocket members. I've been really eager to get into the real estate investing market. I've listen to podcast, read a lot of things on here and even been to a few seminars out here in New York. Problem is I try to use everything that I learn and I get nowhere. I'm starting to think that everything I learn through this website and others doesn't benefit me in the state of New York. I can't find anyone who's actually doing wholesaling or buying and flipping within the 5 boroughs. This is very discouraging. When I meet others in real estate in general it's like they have no clue about bigger pockets as well. I've tried to see if anyone on bigger pockets have done work in New York City and I can't find 1. Is there a reason for this? I'm trying to get my feet wet in wholesaling at least. I don't have a bough money to jump into buying and flipping. I guess my question is; is it nearly impossible to invest in New York City? Is it easier else where? Cause most of the things I hear on all the podcast I can't do in NY. What am I suppose to do now? I can't just get up and leave New York I have a family I take care of. Someone please help me with some type of information.

Hi @Durrell Lebrun , you aren't the only one that feels like you are between a rock and a hard place.  I am in the Bronx and will hopefully invest in Buy and hold properties but the prices are surely a huge barrier for entry.

I have had to expand the area that I look at to find homes that I would be interested in, you may want to considering expanding into Northern Jersey or southern CT. I recently signed up for and you may want to consider signing for some REI clubs that might help you network. I don't think its impossible to do what we are looking to do but it surely is easy to make it just another excuse. But let's not let this beat us down!!!! Persistence is what will help you persevere.

There is a BP meetup that @Darren Sager has set up this month which may be a good start.

@Durrell Lebrun

Its certainly not impossible to get started here.   There are so many deals in NYC its crazy.  I would certainly love to talk with you more but consider a few things.   #1 To be a good wholesaler in NYC you really need to understand the financials and what constitutes a good deal.    #2  Almost all of the good deals in NYC are off market.   #3  there is no substitute in this market for good old fashioned door knocking.   Finding the investors is actually  the easy part here, finding the right deal on the other hand is much much harder.    

@Angel Rosado

I have been looking in the Bronx for a multifamily. I was interested in Morris Park and maybe Pelham Bay and Country Club. Are you familiar with these areas? What do you think of them?

@Chris Rosenberg  

That's the same strategy I have been looking at.  From those three area Country Cub is by far the most expensive.  Pelham bay has buses. and Morris Park can be hit or miss.  The thing with the Bronx is that it truly varies block by block.  

I have looked on and don't see much for under $300k that doesn't need work.  

I will admit I have not done any performance measures or studies, I will tell you there is a meetup club for Bronx investors. Join there.  I'm hopefully going to attend these sessions to get to know other investors that are in the Bronx.

@Durrell Lebrun

Welcome! Have you purchased a primary? You could maybe start there with a multi-family and an FHA mortgage.

@Durrell Lebrun Welcome to BP. 

While you won't find many active wholesalers in NYC like you may in other cities, there are definitely flippers. The main thing is that it requires a much bigger buy-in here than other places. However, if you keep searching and going to meet-ups, you will come across people who will clue you in on what you're looking for. There's a BP meet-up in the city in the next week or so too. Check your email for the details.