Tampa Bay - What's Your Favorite Areas

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St. Pete commercial is going crazy, good for business. I am closing on a SFH in Holiday, FL next week to support some employees rather than hotel them. That area seems to be a solid rental market. Although quite north of Tampa proper. As this is my first time in that are I was surprised by the sinkhole activity. This is more of a different discussion/thread but how do you deal with sinkhole insurance on a rental?


I've sold quite a few sinkhole houses to landlords who just fix and rent them.As long as they're fixed correctly and have an engineer's report, insurance companies will insure them and you can even get mortgages on them again. 

I have two really good sinkhole companies that I call when I'm going after a sinkhole house, so let me know if you need their info.

HI Cynthia,

We have long terms plans (within two years) to open an office in Orlando, but its about an hour and a half from Tampa Bay, so I am not familiar with it. 

Downtown St. Petersburg and South Tampa. Those are the places to be investing right now, if you can get a good deal. They are primed for appreciation.  Downtown St. Petersburg because people are discovering how absolutely beautiful and delightful of a city it is. It's really like a California city here on the east coast. Any house in the Plant school district will see appreciation quicker than houses outside of the district, in the Tampa area. Two areas seeing quick paced gentrification include Seminole Heights in Tampa and The Grand Central District (and surrounding residential properties off north of Central Ave in between 9th Street North and 28th Street North. 

If I was looking to invest in this area I would get to know the preceding areas well and understand the valuation process associated those areas.

@Jeff Morelock plant city high school and Plant high school are not the same.  I'm born and raised Plant City, but unfortunately it's not near the value level that the Plant High school district is that was mentioned.