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Originally posted by @Jay Whitfield :

Has anyone use crowdfunding for a deal. If so can you explain the process and how did it go for you?



 Jay, the lack of responses is likely not reflective of a lack of interest or knowledge amongst your BP peers.  Quite the contrary - that question has been asked and answered ad nauseum over the past year.  Moreover, there's actually a separate Forum category for Crowdfunding ( if you want to peruse the latest discussions. If all else fails, you can search the site in the upper right  hand box by entering "crowdfunding" and you'll find your question asked many different ways with hundreds of responses and perspectives.

If you want to hit me through PM, I can give you my opinion on the better crowdfunding portals and/or several knowledgeable experts on BP (those without an agenda and without  self-serving interests). 

Good luck! 

Jay, I'll connect with you. Interested in learning how that works also. In fact, I'm reading a book that teaches on this, although not from an REI perspective. Powerful tool if you do it correctly.