Networking is real!!!

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The other day at work, I overheard one of my coworkers talking to a gentleman who was talking REI, among other things, but my coworker was totally uninterested in REI and the gentleman was talking about his deal he just closed, using all the investor lingo we use.

IMHO, the most socialy awkward thing to do is, to inject yourself in a conversation that you were not part of/invited; however, I tabled my social cues and went forward with a business card and politely asked to be apart of the conversation. Exit my coworker and in steps fellow REI investor.

Turns out the gentleman got a smoking deal on a 2/1 in South LA and I understand why he wanted to talk about it (pics above).  

We hit it off and today we were running around and I was learning a new aspect of the flip biz from a pro. He's been in for 30+ years and he loves what he does. 

Now he invited me to his flip and gave me a few gems b4 we parted ways. 

Even if we never see each other again that was a positive return for coming out of one's comfort zone.

Keep networking every day everywhere you go, you never know who you will meet. Please keep biz cards on you too, screams seriousness and professionalism. 

Thank you BP family

I have been involved in business leads groups in the past which are all about networking.  I ran into an acquaintance from a leads group I was involved in 3 years ago when I was selling insurance.  We decided to meet for lunch and catch up.  She shared her business with me and I with her.  As we were getting ready to leave I said "a good lead for me would be an individual who has money in cd's and low interest accounts"  Her reply was "well I have private money".  We are now working out the details on my first deal with her.  You never know who you might be talking to.  If I had not have mentioned that one sentence, I would have missed out on a new investor.  

Good post Davon! Smart RE investors are those who network!


PS - I like the pics.

@Davon Lowery

You are completely right that it is AWKWARD to invite yourself into a conversation you are a part of.  I think we "psych" ourselves out because the other people probably don't even notice or care for that matter.  Or maybe they do, but once the conversation starts flowing, it's like we were worried for no reason!  Good stuff!

My above sentence does not make sense. I should have proofread before submitting: I meant to say "to a conversation you are NOT a part of..."  (awwwkwwaaard... for me).

Great post. IMO if you aren't a natural at networking REI will be a real challenge. I am so happy you went for it @Davon Lowery, Your story is motivating and I'm glad you decided to share it. Ditto to you @Michael Hicks. And yes @Juan Cristales! I'm here to network learn and make life changing decisions in REI.

Yes these are the kinds of opportunities that always have huge upside and little downside. I feel like I start to build momentum once I start talking to many people and then the process becomes smoother! Thanks for sharing.

@William Hepner @Janet Brown @Juan Cristales @Larry P. @Michael Hicks

Thank you for the virtual pats on the back, I think many of us are naturally out going like Juan awkwardly stated lol jk Juan, but we do psych ourselves out. If one does in fact plan to jump in a conversation we have to know what were are talking about, not just talking to get attention or get heard. BP helped me to know what I'm talking about.

Sounds like you are passionate in what you do! I found that if you truly love what you do it's easy to speak with like-minded people. The magic happens when you expand your comfort zone. 

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