Anyone working in West Sacramento?

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I have been looking at properties in the West Sacramento area, and more specifically 95838, seems like there is some good prices there, by comparison to other areas of Sac and the Bay, but I cant tell if its a hood or not, drove through yesterday, and it wasn't too bad. Anyone have any experience there?

That Zip code isn't considered West Sacramento. W sac is 95691 and 95605. 95838 has its good and bad parts like everywhere else. Google Del Paso Heights.

WOW! @Derek Jones.

Google images just scared the HECK out of me! lol

Well I just got a job at an office on Venture Oaks Way... was looking for a good home close by to buy as a primary residence, and hopefully some close by rentals. Where do you suggest? Would love to work with you as well if you are available.


Clarification first -

95605 and 95691 are both West Sacramento zip codes in Yolo County.

95838 is actually North Sacramento, in Sacramento County. Since you are saying "West Sacramento area" and "95838" , I will reply to that as the area you are inquiring about.

It is defiantly well below the median for Sacramento. Like much of Sacramento, there are areas that are much better the other parts of the same zipcode.  Is it an "up and coming" neighborhood- NO. I think if you look at crime rates it will be high.

What are you looking to do? Buy and flip? There are a lot of fixers in the area. Buy and rent? There are a lot of rentals in the area.


@Kelli Foley

I am looking for 2 properties, a "BRRR" and a Buy and hold. I am going to buy one to rehab, live in, and then rent out, and the other as a straight rental with a partner. Trying to find a good deal but not sure where its safe to shop in order to maximize my dollars.

Do you have a price range in mind?

@Mansoor Fazel when you drive around del paso. 95838 you will know right away that your in the low rent district with bars on the windows and chain link fences up to the side walk. You also just need to drive around parts of west sacramento to see the difference in the good and bad areas. You can also just look at listed prices online. The lower the price then the rougher the area. If you ever have questions about financing primary or investment houses, please ask.

@Mansoor Fazel I have a rental in 95838 and would pick up another if it was the right price.  There are both good and bad parts of 95838 so you need to drive around and find a location you will be comfortable in.  Yes some areas have chain link fences and bars on windows, then again some areas do not.  You just need to find the area that you are comfortable with.

@Kelli Foley I am looking for something under $300k that would cash flow. 

@Gordon Cuffe  

@Gordon Cuff Thanks! What areas or zip codes do you recommend that would produce cash flow on a rental in this market? I am thinking of getting a primary, and then after a year or so, turn it into a rental..  got any advice on where i can find a good deal?

@Chris Vail its good to know some are having success in the area, at least its not all bad news. where about is your rental? 

Hi Mansoor,

I have been looking in sac for a while now and yet waiting on that right SFH.

My brother just bought one in 95838 and so far so good.

Let me know if you have any success 


@Mansoor Fazel my rental is a couple blocks north of i80 off of Norwood on a small off shoot street.

I have a house in w.sac under contract right now. 3/1, about 900sq ft would be willing to sell it right away. (pm me for address and price if you are interested)

**Del Paso area is street by street type of area, most of rentals that i manage there are good, but we picked up all of those homes back in 2009/2010 so good ROI.

 Haven't bought anything there for last two years, prices are to steep for my taste, plus you got to deal with City of Sacramento annual rental properties inspections, and as you can imagine, these blood sucking bureaucrats have to justify their existence....and always find things that need to be fixed in these older homes.


Is this a city inspection thing or county too?  I haven't heard of this, thought it was only section 8.  Kind of big brotherish if you ask me.  How many other cities do this?

Jeff, I don't know about  sac county, I can check our records tomorrow we own few rentals in North Highlands and I think it in county... but for sure city of Sacramento,  and Rancho Cordova.  

Back in 2008 building departments were being downsized, so instead of letting inspectors go, they implemented this program. 

If you hold your property in a company name, or LLC you will get inspected. Not sure if it happens when it's in a person's name.

Big Brother? Yes it's California,  and ever worst, Sacramento...

Originally posted by @Jeff Caravalho :


Is this a city inspection thing or county too?  I haven't heard of this, thought it was only section 8.  Kind of big brotherish if you ask me.  How many other cities do this?

Sacramento city and county both have rental inspection programs, as do LOTS of other cities in the area and throughout the state (i.e. Rancho Cordova, Stockton, Hayward, Richmond, Pittsburg, Santa Cruz, Los Angeles, Pasadena, San Bernardino, etc etc etc).  

The programs are promoted as a way to improve the quality of rental housing and cut back on blighted properties and/or those with code violations.  However, it's really just about the municipality collecting money.  In my opinion, if the program was truly about reducing blight and/or code violations, then there wouldn't be a way for property owners to just pay the fee and "self-certify" that the property is in compliance (an option that many of these programs have).   

Good information. I didn't know about the inspection stuff. I am currently looking for rental property in 95838 area code and 95815. There has been some new homes in the area. I feel like del paso blvd commercial will in the future be rejuvenated and the area will get better. I mean if they did it for oak park I'm sure it shouldn't be to long before they do the dph area also. it's a lot of speculation though. Anyone interested in working together pm me. Thanks Stephanie Garcia 

Hi @Jeff Caravalho

I wouldn't be too concerned about the rental program. It is a Sac County wide program. I received an email earlier in the year to register my rentals; and as @kylej mentioned, you pay a small fee and self certify. They do not physically inspect the property unless given a reason to (tenant complaint, neighbor complaint, etc.). As a SFR rental, there is most likely little to no chance you will be requested to get a physical inspection. Don't let this deter you from investing in rentals.

There have been major efforts by some well funded folks to turn around Del Paso Blvd with little success. Alkali Flats will have to completely turn well before anybody starts looking at DPH. It's on the path of progress but it is probably 20 years away. I like West Sac. You can get those small 2/1's in old west Sac for $150ish. The Broadway bridge will be functional right as those major projects on Broadway are filling up and those property values will sky rocket as downtown/mid town blow up with everything going on around the arena.
Originally posted by @Chris Vail :

@Mansoor Fazel my rental is a couple blocks north of i80 off of Norwood on a small off shoot street.

 Was it hard to find renters for your place? How big is it - eg 2/1 etc?

@Bonnie Anglin no it was not hard to find tenants.  I do want to mention though that I completely rehabbed my property floor to ceiling and everything in between.  This gave me the ability to be very picky in my Tenant screening.  The property is a 3/2 1047 sq ft.

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