a good realtor

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It's hard to know if they are really working on your behalf. Yes they will say they are and they are probably doing okay for you but you never know if you are getting the absolute best deal/service you could be getting. 

I've decided to get my realtor's license because I'm just tired of dealing with realtors. They say they are investor friendly but they are not and clearly they are not smart because they'd make a lot more $$ if they were. 

Ask lots of questions, there are no dumb questions! If you get weird looks or feel judged just brush it off. You need to know all of the ins and outs!

Agree with everyone else here...never pay realtor fees when you are buying. If you are using a realtor to rent then that is a different story. Have you signed anything with this realtor? If you haven't and they are asking for money from you then run. If you have signed something then you may be SOL but it's a good lesson for next time! 

@Erica Nagle , if you haven't signed anything, or would like to work with me in the future, just let me know. I know there is a bit of distance between Freeport and Houston, but we can discuss working together.

I'd like to add that I don't think all realtors are bad! There are good ones out there, it's just hard to find one when you need them for investment purposes. Time is of the essence (meaning you may need to see a property ASAP and you can't get a hold of them or they are busy) and they have to not care about submitting embarrassing offers. 

There are definitely investor-friendly Realtors out there, and they're likely also investors themselves. I say that because I'm a Realtor and also an investor, so I know we exist. As an investor I'd ask up front if they're an investor or not, otherwise they might not really understand your perspective.

There was also a writeup about this issue in the past, here's a link to the forum post, which might help: BiggerPocket's Real Estate Agent's Guide to Working With Investors

No matter how good a Realtor is, they cannot force the other party into terms.  A good deal is when it's a win-win, so both buyer and seller usually compromise on something.  A Realtor is working on your behalf, but just like you- they are working to get the deal done!  Just like any profession, there are good ones and bad ones.  The key is to establish a good relationship and communicate what you need from them.  A Realtor is not "bad" just because they don't work with investors. 

I would like to thank each one of you for your post they all were very helpful. and know I didn't sign anything! I found a house that I thought may be a good deal. It was on Zillow, so instead of calling the realtor they had listed I called someone I knew was a realtor and asked them if they would pull comps on it for me, "by the way this was the first time I've asked a realtor to do this" to see if the offer I wanted to make was realistic or not. so, she messaged me & said she was going to look at the property today. I thought that was kind of strange; because I would have like to went inside of the property with her. anyways all this is new for me so I didn't want to look stupid when she got back with me. that's why I asked if there was a cost associated