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My wife and I are both 26 years old and newlyweds. She directs a family owned vacation rentals company called Ohiopyle Vacation Rentals in the Laurel Highlands of PA. It is a very successful company and her father owns it. Now, we are looking into purchasing a home of our own to rent out as a vacation rental as well. We aren't sure where to begin. We do have a decent amount saved in liquid capital and good credit. Vacation Rentals versus long term residential home rentals? If you were in our position, what would you do? Also would get real estate licenses help? Taking classes also
Also would it be beneficial for me and my wife to get are real estate licenses and take classes at Penn state before we get started
Also would it be beneficial for me and my wife to get are real estate licenses and take classes at Penn state before we get started?
Well we were actually just talking about that the company has house keepers or we could do it ourselves when able to save money. The house would be within 15 min away from us

hi josh. i have thought at times about doing the vacation rental house thing myself. maybe some day i will do it. first and foremost, education is a great thing, but you can spend too much time on education and never spend anytime in the real world education center. my advice??? just get out there and do it. learn as you go. start small if that makes you feel better, but just do it. i see no benefit in getting you real estate license. most deals found are not even listed. it wouldn't hurt, but it is not necessary either. buy one house to rent as a vacation rental. since you live so close to it, i would do the clean up details yourself and save the money. if it works well for you, do another one. it gets easier and easier each time because you learned the do's and dont's from the last one. you just need to get started

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Thanks for the advice 

 Nice work, It sounds like you're getting started early in your careers. One thought would be to first look at the numbers. 

How many nights a month are typical VRBO's rented out in your area? 

Are there locations which have better occupancy rates?

Does this average, after expenses yield any cash flow?

That might be a good starting point. Cheers!


Thanks is there a good way to find houses in the area to buy? i would like to make like post cards and have them sent out to everyone in area like we buy houses in cash or something along that line. or is there a way to do so or you recommend?