Finding real estate in area

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Wanting to find houses around my area for sale and wanting to know what is best way to do so? I would like to send out a area wide card saying we buy houses in cash or something along those lines? Anyway to do so?

Joshua, I'm not clear if you are looking for house to buy, fix and flip or wholesale.

If you are looking to buy and hold or fix and flip here is some tips:

1. Realtors/MLS

2 Ad on craigslist for wholealers

3.  Call wholesalers signs and get on their buyer liset.;

If you are looking for wholesale properties:

1. works well for targeting neighborhoods.  Tip: if you are mailing several lists at once.. Use one color card (blue) for expired and another color (green) for probate.  Or you can just target a neighborhood and mail every door.

2.  Bandit signs.  I know everyone hates them... But they work.. 

3.  Go to courthouse and pull a list of people who have filed a "dissolution of merriage" (divorce).  This list typically sell within 6 months of filing.. Although being the go-between the two is difficult.  

I hope this helps.