Buying from a motivated seller...

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I ran across a property that is For Sale By Owner.  Got one of the info papers on it and for the asking price it states to make an offer.  With that said... I called the owner to go over things with him.  Come to find out, he does have an asking price and doesn't want to work out much of a deal on it.

Now, from his asking price and the tax assessor valued amount, there is a huge difference. 

So my question is... how accurate is the tax assessor value compared to an appraisal? Meaning, where or how does the County Assessor get their amounts?

Hope I clearly worded that question...

Thanks for any input! :)

@Samantha Lotti In my area (PA), the tax assessors valued amount is lower than what you'd get during a more recent appraisal for financing. From what I've learned, it's best to get comps from similar properties sold recently so you know if you're getting a good deal or not.