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what would you do to give this house curb appeal?   The door is new and the siding is staying.  Paint the brick a darker brown?  I took the white shutters down because they were dingy.   I don't like burgundy or blue.  Thanks. 

I would put replace the shutters in a dark color, pull something out from the brick-black would also work. The bushes in front of the windows come up too high, although neatly trimmed, the proportion still reads "overgrown". The other bush, closest to the driveway could use something less bulky for the space.

With regards to not rehabbing a house on the cliff, I think it depends on local conditions. Is the area prone to erosion? How good are the foundations in to the ground? What is the ground, sand or solid rock? We have property in the UK for 1 £, which is right on the edge of a sand cliff. These properties will not make it through the winter. Again it's worth considering all aspects. Many people like the idea of a home by the sea. It could be great investment, particular if future building will not be permitted.

First, if this is a rental or a flip don't worry about what colors you like. What is common and sells (white). Paint door trim to match siding unless you paint bring white then you can leave it. Clean up the drive. Just getting that side walk clean will do wonders. Get rid of most  or all bushes and add some color with flowers. I like the idea of shutters cheap and easy to install. Second I would do a 180 degree flip to the east on the entire house. JK  Good Luck it looks like a great house.

thanks for the insight.   It is oriented properly on my phone but not on the computer.   Weird.   And I can't edit it.   So the brick is ok?   It's a flip.  No budget for a porch.   

Looks like a comfy house! I agree with the other Members, add some shutters to match the the house. Maybe even powerwash the siding if needed. I would also take out those bushes. Although neatly trimmed, I dont think they provide good curb appeal. I also recommend taking out those weeds that are growing in between the cracks of the sidewalk and even powerwashing that side walk too, it does wonders! And depending on your budget, take out that lampost and do some sort of landscaping in that open front yard. Maybe a pond or just some thing nice to call attention. look on pintrest or ask local landscapers for their portfolio to get some ideas :). best of luck to you! post a picture so we can see what you decide to do.

Seeing how it's a flip your goal is to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible and hopefully several of them at the same time. To do this you should look at the comps and evaluate their appeal. Bottom line you're trying to sell a 3/1 or 3/2 there and most likely that's gonna be a family dwelling.  So appealing as much as possible to Mom is paramount. Your color likes and dislikes shouldn't be the deciding factor. Only green matters in this situation.

I would at least trim the bushes and make them the same height, a well manicured lawn is always a plus. I also agree with Joe regarding cleaning up that sidewalk, that is a must. I would also take an edger to the other side and give the lawn a nice crisp line. Hope this helps and can't wait to hear what happens.