South Florida Condos

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Hi Everyone, I've been thinking of investing in a South Florida condo for a while now (hopefully on the beach). My strategy would be to buy and hold. I'm currently looking in the south beach area, as well as Sunny Isles, Hallandale, Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale beach areas. However, with the high prices, HOA dues, property taxes, insurance and rental restrictions, it seems very difficult make a positive cash flow. I wanted to get everyone's thoughts to see if anybody figured out how to make it work with a mortgage. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

For Buy and Hold it should be Hollywood Beach (Broadwalk or City center "Young Circle"), Hallandale or Dania Beach... in that particular order. Cap rate maybe not the highest for the moment, but apprecvation is. Exactly for those looking for long term investment. Make sure the property can be rented right away (some require 1-2 years or ownership before). Be pre-approved, as the majhority of deals are cash here.

I used to work for the firm who is building h3 in Hollywood. It's best to buy pre construction, you typically get 15%-20% discount. I think for awhile they were offering a investment program with 8% returns. Not sure if that's filled up or not.

@Michael Rashfal I am about to close on a condo in Boca Raton. The seller has been renting several on the street, under market value to college students. It is currently vacant so my plan is to raise the rent and rent it per room to college students as it is right near FAU. Renting it by room with raise the total cash-flow per month rather than renting it out as unit and helps to off set the HOA fees. Have you looked at any condos near college students? I also recently started property management company in South Florida, feel free to message me with any questions.


I've heard horror stories about condos and their HOA's. The firm I work for doesn't even consider buying them to hold as rentals. Unless it made amazing financial sense to do it and you had very clear exit strategies , I would stay clear of them.