Affordable California Lake Front Properties

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With dreams of owning a lake front property someday I am always looking at the MLS for these kinds of properties in Northern California. Does anyone know of some affordable areas with lake front properties. Or areas I could buy land and perhaps put a small home on it someday?

Funny, I came in to say exactly what @Ramsey Kheshen said - check out Clearlake (and all the towns around the lake, rather), and you might find what you´re looking for. Now, you didn´t say what equaled ¨affordable¨ to you, but I was just looking at property there and saw some interesting properties under $250k.

Lake Almanor is the most beautiful lake in California in my opinion. I owned a lake home there for several years and you would love the entire area. 

@Account Closed   I lived at Clearlake ( lake County for 8 years) and my father had a development business there for 25 ..

It some of the more reasonable priced ACTUAL lake frontage in the state..

And there are a few developments that have access through channels.. One is call the Keys in Clearlake Oaks.. ( modest homes.) like any area prices range on location and actual lake frontage.

Lake Almanor as the other person posted is very nice as well.. Although its a full 4 seasons and takes much longer to get to from the major metro areas.. But I love that area ..

Clearlake is in Oak forest lands.. were Almanor is in the Timber.

You can find some fairly decent deals on the smaller just inland lakes in Oregon ... these are in the Coos Bay area.

And in Washington there are all sorts of smaller lakes up in the Tacoma area.

REally depends on what you want to do on said lake.. Clearlake is a water ski mecca and bass fishing.  huge lake full on high speed boats and skiing.  Almanor of course is going to be very cold much of  the year.

Tahoe well that one will bust your budget for water front :)

So many of the lakes in CA are man made Clearlake is the largest natural lake in the State and natural lakes generally have a nicer shoreline.. were man made lakes damned up big canyons and can have very steep shore lines and subject to huge swings in how full they are in any given year.

Lake Chelan in Wa is awesome awesome... you can buy lake front there

Along with the big lakes out of Spokane WA...  Oregon you can buy some lake front in southern Oregon on Klamath lake... again cold in the winter in those areas.

If you get poking around Lake co... Clearlake shoot me the deals I will give you my take on the locations.   And be advised there have been epic fires there this year you probably saw on the news. I just got off the phone with my brother his home came within 500 years of the fire and getting burned to the ground.. its a tough scene right now for thousands who lost their homes.