Brokers license needed?

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If I am wholesaling in Florida do I need a brokers license? What are the pros and cons to having a brokers license? And what are the best routes to pursuing a brokers license in Florida?

Refer to chapter 475. Brokering without a license carries a $5000 fine. Don't fall for all the guru garbage. They often teach people how to attempt to skirt the law.  They teach half truths but fail to fully inform people of the potential pitfalls if you get caught operating illegally.  You CAN broker a contract...but when you advertise the HOUSE for sale you are brokering without a license. Florida is cracking down on unlicensed activity. My suggestion: get your license.  Whatever you do, don't find yourself in trouble with accusations of brokering without a license. That could hamper any future goals of obtaining a RE license to practice in the state.