selling a tax deed or best way to sell property

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So i recently went to a free and clear tax sale and won a property. Now im waiting for the tax deed to come in. Is it okay to list the property for sale before the deed is in? I have people interested and willing to pay cash. Also what is best step in selling the property should i do a quite tittle search? The owners are deceased but the son is still alive and lives right across the street. I heard i could avoid doing the title search and have him sign off on it or however the process works. I would appreciate any help. Thanks Josh

@Joshua D. have you made any progress on this property?

I bought 5 properties at a free and clear sale in May 2014.  Just got 3 of the deeds today but they were recorded in Aug 2014.  

I believe there is a 30 day period after the sale that it can be contested.  

Look forward to hearing about your progress.