Lease option payments

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with lease option can I use the rent payments towards the actual balance not just $100-$200 credits? I think it's just wasting money on just paying rent and it not apply it to the mortgage note. 

If I understand you question that is what is happening now. $100-200 is going towards the purchase price as a credit. 

Are you thinking the entire rent price goes towards the house? That is possible, it just a mater of negotiation. I would be happy to do it, but I would start with a higher price. 

In a lease option it depends on the agreement on how much is applied to purchase price from the rent.  The biggest problem is complying with the Dodd/Frank Act since you are selling to an owner occupant.  It sounds like you want to buy using this option, its not very clear from your post.

@Ayana Mingo I can't really help you. Rent to own is no my field of expertise. 

My point was if you were buying from me, I could change the numbers so you got 100% credit. But I could do it in a way that didn't save you one penny.

It is all about negotiation. You goal should be to pay the lowest net price not just get 100% credits.