Spousal right on my sole investment property!

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Hello to you all and I hope you had a wonderful Holiday!

My concern is, I am selling an investment single family home that I purchased in an LLC as sole manager. I want to know if my husband has to sign off on it, for the sale, even though he is not part of my business?


Hello Greg 

 Thank you for the clarification. A lawyer who's doing my closing mentioned that and I found it weird because it didn't make much sense. But according to him, some mortgage companies require the spouse to sign off nowadays. I'll look into it for the state of MA. 

Thanks a lot!

@Katya Holrigien

 I am still learning how things are done here in the state, but when I, as an owner of a personal property in Canada, was selling prior to moving here to the US, my new husband had to sign some sort of Dower release.   I believe it was to ensure that he waived rights to the sale of the property, as I suppose couples who are in a disintegrating relationship could try to sell a property without notifying the other. It must be to prevent the second spouse from contesting the sale partway through and entering into some legal battle.