Flipping a home on land contract

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My sister and I are looking to make a deal with a seller who is willing to do an on land contract. We are getting the home for 37000 with 1000 down and 550 a month. We have discussed with the seller our intent to fix and sell. I am aware we don't own the property until it is paid off. This being said, the seller and I are talking about the contract---we planned to go to an attorney and get it written up stating basically we can sell when its fixed but we get the profit from the flip and he gets his amount in full at the time of sale. Is there a way that we can make this even more secure---unless he signs the deed over to us before slling he could take off with all the profit---not sure if a contract at a law office will protect us enough there...

The proceeds from the sale after repairs are made will go to an escrow company.  They have to follow the terms of the purchase contract.  If the contract says the seller gets x and you get the remainder, then that's how the funds are disbursed.  You are right to seek the services of a RE Attorney to put this contract together.  They will insure that both parties are protected.