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Hi Massimo and fellow Canadians,

Texas is also a great place to invest because it has: 1) Pro-landlord laws 2) Affordable prices / good returns 3) No state income tax 4) population and economic growth which has driven prices higher.

I specialize in helping foreign investors buying real estate in the US and more specifically in Texas.

Here Canadian are among the top three foreign buyers along with Chinese and Mexican buyers.

I provide financing for these international buyers. This financing is purely asset based and understand foreign buyers’ situation. For Canadian, the situation is easier because all your documentation is in English.

I would be glad to help you purchase and finance your properties here.


Hello Francois,

I am from Toronto, Canada, I am really new at this, but I am very interested in investing the US.  What kind of steps do I have to take before I start purchasing rental properties in the US. 

@Massimo Salerno I think that it’s awesome that your living in Canada and investing in the US. I hold meet ups for investors over zoom and think it would be super interesting to have someone there who does that. Let me know if your interested, you could learn a lot too!