My First Disappointment

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Called the listing agent for a property on 12/29. No call back over the holidays… Understandable. Then days passed… No call back ever. 1/5 I called the company and asked for a new agent to help me view this property. 1/10 Today was our 2nd viewing of this property and I walked it with my construction guy/biz partner for an hour today.

We made an offer today at 5:24pm. By 5:42pm, the agent that toured the property with us today said she just spoke to the original listing agent that never called me back and someone else made an offer Friday night 1/8, Sallie Mae accepted Saturday morning 1/9!!!

NO OFFERS made on the property FOR 6 MONTHS and one gets made and accepted the very night before I see it!?!? Ironic. Disappointing. The offer that got accepted was EXACTLY what I offered today. Cash deal. I can’t help thinking If only the original agent had returned even one call when she was supposed to!?! Gotta stay positive and search again....