Is a Quiet Title Action my only solution?

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We have a property with multiple judgement liens from an old owner, but that owner is refusing to give us permission to contact the state to get the liens paid and cleared.

Our attorneys are suggesting an expensive and time consuming quiet title action, is there any other way???

Hi John,

I buy distressed properties in Florida. In Florida you can go to the city and research, negotiate or pay the liens if you can prove that you are the current owner. Have you tried to contact the lien holder directly? 

Originally posted by @John Horner :

I believe these are state liens, it is not turning out as easy as we had hoped.

 Hey John,

@Suzy Angelo is right, but you say you think they are state liens. If you're not familiar with nuisance liens (I'm not sure) you should get some info on it. Call your code enforcement department of the city and g give them the address. They should be able to tell you if it's from them.

You can do a public information request form them. If it happens not to be from them, get suggestions where else to call.

However, I was curious about your plans for this property. Your options depends on what you intend to do with it!

This is a legal question that is specific to the laws of your state. An online forum is not going to be a substitute for the legal advice you have been given by your attorney. Good luck.

@John Horner Although it is a legal question as @Al Wilson stated I still think you should try to call your state lien/code enforcement department and see if you can get information on the lien before hiring the attorney. 

Good Luck!