Multi family deals

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@Drew Lamb

- Pay Per Click Marketing is great for finding deals like these

- Postcards, Flyers, Yellow letters to Delinquent Property Taxes and Code violations work great

- Evictions!   Google an Eviction attorney in your area and reach out to them or go to your county court house and find the eviction cases.  This is a great way to find motivated sellers.   May be 1 of the best!  

Keep in mind that, in general, owners of 2-4 unit properties tend to be a bit more sophisticated than your Average Joe Q. Homeowner.  I tried direct mail here in my local market to fourplex owners with little success.  But of course that might be a function of my local market.  Here in LA it seems that everybody thinks their properties are worth even more than their already-sky high prices.  Good luck.