House flip next to high voltage power lines

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Hey all,

I'm putting an offer on a house to do a flip. My broker made me aware of the power lines next to it, stating that buyers might fear those houses close to power lines. Can you give me an advice if you have to retail it to potential buyers? Should I go for it and buy the house and flip it?


It is a negative, just like any other public negative - less negative probably than being next door to a landfill or sewer plant, more negative than being next door to some simple public building. Some people won't care, some will. If the numbers work, and they have to work taking neighborhood and location into account, it doesn't matter if the lines are there or not. 

I suppose in some cases the lines are more intrusive/visible, but my wife and I sold a home last year that had lines cutting through the backyard (I could grab them if I jumped). We were worried about how buyers would view them, so we made sure there were compensating factors with the house that buyers couldn't resist. Got three offers that first weekend and sold it with no problems.

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