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Hello Everyone!

I'm a full-time realtor in the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm growing my business to start working with probate cases that involve real estate. I know I can go to the local court houses (some of them the information is online) and look at the records and sort which ones have real estate and do all of that myself. Obviously that takes a lot of time away from me being able to prospect and generate business through other channels. My options are to either go myself, pay someone to do it, or use a probate lead data provider of some sort. Does anyone have recommendations with data providers that are good, specifically in the San Francisco Bay Area? Here are a few that I've found in my searches:,, and 

Additionally, any investors in my area who are currently working probates or would like to work probates and would potentially like to collaborate in anyway I would be very open to discussing potential opportunities for starting a mutually beneficial relationship.


@Joe Polyak You think that having easy access to a list is a good thing.

But maybe not. 

If you have access to this data, then others do, too. That's good for your prospects because they will surely have more people contacting them with a greater number of competitive offers.

Newbie mailers are thrilled to get lists and build them larger and larger, like a east coast gold miner who's just arrived in California, seeing all these possibilities. 

However, nothing happens until you dig and sift. 

You'd do well to dig deep for opportunities that have multiple triggers besides  just probate. Foreclosure and tax sales, etc. if you want a motivated seller, find someone overwhelmed by problems. 

As to list building, there are commercial list providers however I don't think I'd rely on their data. Just yesterday I heard that one of the data vendors just gad a hissy fit and reworked his data format while trying to eliminate an "unauthorized" reseller of his public records.

Alternatively, after you know what data fields you need, you could hire a researcher to pull files to your customized specifications. 

My advice is to go deep, not wide.

I plan to speak at the SF Bay Summit in Oakland, late August. 

@Rick H. Thanks for the feedback Rick.

I have no problem with digging and sifting through info, the purpose of my thread however is to see if anyone recommends any of these services for data, eliminating the need for me to go to the courthouse and spend several hours doing it myself, when I could better utilize that time generating leads through other channels or spend that time actually calling, writing to, doorknocking, and converting these leads. There will always be competition (the foreclosures in my area receive an average of 50 pieces of mail within the first month of NOD), I differentiate myself through persistent follow up and a professional approach and building relationships with probate and trust attorneys for them to refer business to me in the future.