NEED ADVICE: well and septic system inspection in AZ

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Hello everyone

My husband and I just bought our first property. There is a well and three septic systems on the land, two of the septic systems are active. We bought the property in "as is" condition. My question now is what exactly should the well /septic inspection include (bacteria testing, arsenic, e-coli etc)? Should it only be above ground? Should we inspect the septic system or only the well?

Your advice and experience are appreciated. Thank you so much.


@William H.

Not sure why you would take title to property in "as is", I would have wanted to know the condition of well and septic before I closed as a "subject too" clause would have been in order so not to get any surprises after the sale! I would check with your local septic company's and the local well digger or the paperwork on the well so you can see all the pertinent info on that well. Lots of things you may wish you already knew before you closed.

Hope all works out for you guys.

@Steve Haight

We usually would not have done it this way either but the deal was too good to refuse. The seller had to sell due to health issues. The seller showed us recent paper work and inspection documents of the well and septic.  We still want to do our own inspection though. Thanks for your advice.

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