Cash Flow / 50% rule

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I just want to be sure I am clear about the 50% rule relating to rental properties.  If rent on a 2 unit is $975 and $895 ($1870 total)...50% of that is $935.  If P&I and taxes totals $941, this property is probably not going to cashflow correct?  I do realize the 50% rule is just an estimate and one could break down the expenses individually.  

I'm looking for some opinions on this rule and if anyone has had success using any different calculations.

Thanks everyone.  This is truly a helpful site and I started listening to the podcasts a few weeks ago and am up to show 32.  Very informative stuff.

This is a rule to get you to start thinking about cost and cash flows but you should look at breaking the cost down individually so you can get an accurate break down for your area and the property. For example a newly remodeled property will have a low capEx cost where as an outdated property may require more CapEx. This could change your cash flow significantly.

Paul Amegatcher