Leads for Wholesalers or Bird Dogging or Driving for Dollars

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One of my hobbies is to take drives around the city and surrounding areas. Weird but true. I am not a Wholesaler. Do any Wholesalers offer "Finder Fees" for potential Wholesale deals? What small fee should I expect? I live in Arlington, Texas. That is a suburb in between Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas.

@Rigo Medina Not weird at all...we all do it ;) That's part of being an informed investor...problem is, as we get more successful, we have less time and could benefit from bird-doggers...unsure what the typical rate is in your area, but there is one...I like to pay per confirmed address of target or abandoned properties ($1-$5...just depends). But a fee of $100-$500 per transaction closed because of a lead you provided is reasonable. 

Best of luck!

Marko Rubel
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I used to pay birddogs $5 per lead, $25 per lead with contact info, 1% of closing if deal went through.  Worked well until I became an agent.

The problem with bird-dogging is people promise they'll pay you on the back end and don't.  So be careful.

And, yes, I would love leads in Arlington, so pls add me to your list.