Lake Arrowhead / Twin Peaks

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Hey everyone, I am looking for another home in Lake Arrowhead / Twin Peaks / Blue Jay. 

Does anyone have any preference of Twin Peaks over Blue Jay? I know to stay away from Crestline, but I am certainly interested in Twin Peaks. I think I will use part of the house for Airbnb. Maybe like a garage or living quarters, for instance. 

Does anyone know of any good leads in the area?

@Jonathan Safa Correct me if I'm wrong I assume you are referring to the cities in Southern California, from time to time I'll see something good up that way.  Also San Bernardino County had a tax auction 3-4 months ago and there was a fair amount of mountain cities inventory. reach out if you would like to discuss further.

Hey Jonathan, I live Twin Peaks and do investing in the mountain area. I have lived in various areas in the Lake Arrowhead since 1979. With each area you need to be careful of sub areas and their better than other differences. If you find any properties you need me to drive by and take pictures or need an investors opinion just let me know. Also feel free to private message me with a phone number if you would like some in depth knowledge of the area. 

Hey @Jonathan Safa I also live near the area and go up there about once a month. Let me know if you'd like to connect and possibly even partner in any future investments together if that is something you'd like to do sometime in the future. Cheers!