Lansing Market Advice

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Hi, I'm looking into the city of Lansing, Michigan for SF and Multi Family rentals, and would like to know which neighborhoods/areas have a good return but with well kept houses with low crime.  I understand Lansing is split into 4 areas, North, South, West and East (I guess a South Central as well).  Is there one better suited than others?

Thanks in advance!


I love the Groesbeck area(northeast quadrant) and the east side neighborhoods.  Both close enough to MSU to rent to students, but with Lansing taxes and rentals laws which differ considerably from East Lansing which are very strict and confining.  Own a home in that area and would own more except it is just too far away from me to manage easily.  Low crime, high values and great area for mixed use (can rent to students or families).  Check it out. I think you will like the neighborhoods.