How many deals without a license?

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How many transactions can a person perform without a real estate license? At one point I thought it was 5 transactions. If that is the case are there options other than using a Realtor or attorney to conduct more than 5 transactions a year?

I'm thinking this should be state-specific, but realistically you're not supposed to engage in any transactions that are not your own without a license. You can sell your own property(ies) but not someone else's if you're expecting to get paid. Wholesalers are either closing on the property themselves first or selling the CONTRACT as an assignment, which doesn't count as selling real estate without a license in most (or all?) states. My current interpretation is that if you're not being compensated at all, you can sell peoples homes all day long, though I may be wrong...  Everything I read referring to this mentions "for a fee" "..commission" or "compensation". Strangely, none of the other agents I know could answer this question.