Tampa Florida is this good location ?

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Hi investors ,

I am checking this properties as long distance investment .

This property get my attention .

The address is

89-23 N40th street
Tampa , Florida 33604


Let me know what do you think of location

And I am always wondering if I can convert into condo and sale one by one in future


I wonder if the Billboard comes with the land??

Location of unit in question is on the edge of many factors. I prefer the Northside of Busch Gardens near the University. My friend owns a restaurant/bar 1 block east of this unit and pulls from many different demos, so very diverse. Cleaned up, I like your Condo conversion thinking.

Good luck.. I was just past there yesterday.. lmk if I can assist with Boots on the Ground. I’ll be in that area again on Wednesday this week.

Hey thank you for all of your replies , I had my agent check the building . Is not what I am looking for.

I don't know much of condo convention yet. Need to find an expert to work on that.

The billboard is on the property, but ownership of the sign would likely not pass to a buyer of the land and buildings. Most billboards are developed with long term land leases, so ownership of the sign structure and permits would probably remain with the current sign owner. If there is a land lease, you might get the rights to the lease income with a purchase. Billboard lease income is an excellent passive income.