Realtor in San Antonio, TX?

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@Tiffany Moseley Hi Tiffany, I'm a great Realtor in San Antonio and I'd love to have a conversation with you to learn more about how I could help! I can also make a recommendation to a great property manager. Feel free to message me and we'll plan on a time to connect!

@Tiffany Moseley @Jonatan Barbera @Kim Meredith Hampton   

KIM - Thanks for the mention.  

Tiffany - We recommend using Jonathan Barbera and Jonn Barr.  He is mentioned here.  We work with them a lot as they help investors find good deals, and then we do the management for their clients.  They know our numbers and can help you plan for your cash flow analysis.

@Tiffany Moseley

I would love to chat sometime and give you information about our market when looking at it from an investment standpoint. 

Like @Jonatan Barbera and @Brad Larsen mentioned I have been working the investment side of real estate here in San Antonio for several years.

San Antonio has a lot of great opportunities but there are areas that, if you don't know the area, can be big pitfalls to a portfolio.

I see you are from San Diego. I am actually going to be in San Diego a couple time over the holidays. Perhaps we could meet up one afternoon?